Transition to General Management @ INSEAD: Perfect foundation for digitalizing the company.

Building digital business models and creating new value streams need a strong foundation. Three aspects hover above today’s trends like design thinking, agile, IT, startups etc. and provide overall guidance. To me it’s

  1. Identify value for the customer

Value comes in much more dimensions than just price and quality. Starting with cost reduction due to less downtime and ending with a performance boost from a guaranteed availability e.g. Find out by observing thoroughly and listening to your customer.

  1. Running the company

Believe in the awesomeness of people (I like this term). Create a culture of mutual trust that helps both the people and the company to learn and to adapt to change. Self-reliant teams but no laissez-faire, decision making must be mature and based on facts and data. As a company with truly integrative marketing, the customer and his value proposition shows the way. Personal Leadership plays the most important role in creating this culture and guiding the people in the change.

  1. Create value for all

Value is not just a one-way street. Clearly, we create value for the most important person in the company – the customer. However, having so many and so important stakeholders of your success, also create value for employees, suppliers and your company etc. alike to provide the fundament of long-lasting success.

Besides the rare chance to meet over 50 senior managers from over 30 different countries from all over the world, these two weeks were very instructive and truly inspiring. I am already very much looking forward to the second module.

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